On being a writer WITH GOALS

I am a writer with goals.

Yes, yes, Well, weren’t you always?

OK. Let me rephrase it. I am a writer WITH GOALS.

What’s the difference?

I have reached the conclusion that in order to be published, whether self or third party published, I need to produce loads of writing. Preferably good writing.
In order to be successful once published, I need to get people buying my book.
So in its simplest form it boils down to two words:
• Produce
• Market.
These are ‘goals’. Massive and vague, yeah? These aims have been nagging away at me for years but they are so huge, how on earth does one meet them? They are so huge and scary that I usually hide from them, spending time procrastinating rather than focussing on making them happen. They are seriously daunting.
So now when I say ‘with goals’ I mean with SMART goals.

OooKaaaayyy… Boring? Cliched?
Maybe. But hey! Whatever works yeah?

Not to break a habit of a lifetime I did some gentle leading into this new, more purposeful phase. Some not so charitable might call it procrastination but I call it a warm up. I used a lovely little notebook, given to me by a friend to record my goals and write positive messages to myself.

Then I bought a diary specifically for writing stuff.

Window dressing right?
Maybe but it engaged me and gave me additional motivation.
Now I have dates for deadlines and deadlines before the deadlines. For example I don’t just have 1st November- NanoWrimo kick off, but on the 23rd October I have a reminder to start planning for Nano. The sky’s the limit in terms of what I choose to put in there. I also have-‘ research person to design cover for novella?’
Anything can go in there as long as it is in achievable bites with deadlines
I am off now to check my diary to ensure I’m meeting my goals. My next step will be to look at all the social media sites I belong to and make sure I am using them properly and making the most of them.


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