Why writing a novel is like filé crocheting

So what do the following two things have in common:

My new project

My new project

Filé crochet


Superstructure- slightly adapted

Superstructure- slightly adapted

a new work in progress?

Well, both are projects that I’ve started recently.

The crochet will hopefully become a nice table runner for my dining room table and my novel will hopefully become a record smashing block buster. (Don’t laugh! At least one of the two is likely to be true).

But the truth is that both are extremely difficult, time consuming and require discipline, no matter how excited or enthusiastic you are when you start them.

To get my crochet to the point at which it is in the photo, I actually had to unravel it about three times and redo several rows more than once. Goodness knows how many times I’ll have unravelled and remade rows before I finally reach the end.

This is what I have also had to do with my novel. The working title is ‘The way to a man’s heart’, and I have had to re-write sections of it several times. It just hasn’t been coming together. Finally I came across ‘Superstructure’, by James Scott Bell and for some reason, out of all the books on plotting that I have read, this clicked for me. It’s given me a ‘pattern’ somewhat akin to the one I have for my table runner. A frame work that I can work with and that will guide me in to a finished product that I’m satisfied with. I have therefore gone on and plotted my story according to his fourteen points and I now have a much better idea of where the story is going and what needs to be done.

Hopefully both projects will come to fruition quickly, painlessly and successfully.