December Monthly Medley

Merry Christmas. Grating card. Holiday post card templateSo there’s still time if you’re wondering what to buy the romance reader in your life. Alternatively you might wish to investigate these books yourself if you have any lovely vouchers to spend.

So this month these are the four choices (in no particular order) off my keeper shelf:

First of all here’s a romance that I couldn’t let go. Wife for a Week has kept its place on my Keeper shelf because it is a little out of the ordinary in terms of the plot (even though it looks as though it’s going to be pretty standard).

Book 1

Don’t be taken in by its cover. This book is out of the ordinary and very good.

I found this book funny, quirky and different. The dialogue was sparky and the characters great and I certainly never saw the twist coming. A definite must have.

Next you might want to consider Agnes and the Hitman. Another book with sharp dialogue and a light quirkiness, it’s populated with incredible characters and a heroine who has anger management problems and yet still manages to get you rooting for her.

2015-10-27 11.43.08Think Jennifer Cruisie’s usual style elevated to a higher level with Bob Mayer’s input. Think murder, mayhem, weddings, sabotage, hitmen, mafia and flamingos. Brilliant.

So that’s two lighthearted reads to keep you busy.

Now for something a bit more serious. The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie is an exceptionally detailed historical romance by Jennifer Ashley.

2015-10-27 11.41.09

The hero has some form of Autism and is lovable and beautifully drawn and the heroine a lovely match for him. Throw in some intrigue and wonderful supporting characters and this is a winner.

My final choice is a paranormal called Archangel’s Consort. This whole series has me intrigued and addicted. This is a gritty romance with wonderful erotic scenes and a strong heroine who can hold her own against the Archangel. The author has built an excellent world and wonderful supporting characters that will keep you coming back for more.

If you do read any of these I’d love to know if you enjoyed them.

Book 4






Book 4.jpg


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